Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Birthday Freebie Day 5!!

Well today's the day!! The day in which I will be 3 short years away from turning 30!! Yikes!! 27 years ago today, my mom gave birth to her first born, a daughter, and then 2 minutes later gave birth to her second born, a son! So Happy Birthday to my twin brother too!! (not that he reads my!)
Don't forget about my sale!! Go buy yourself something special, so I can buy myself something special for my birthday! ;)
And today's freebie?? Well I created a special mini kit just to celebrate my special day!! Click the preview below to go pick it up at my store!!


  1. Happy Birthday!
    Thank you so much for this great mini. It's my boys bday today, turned 2. Thank you again.

  2. thank u so much. such a cute collection...and have a happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday...The years go fast, so enjoy the rest of your 20's. Thank you for the birthday kit...